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Since the early 20th century, Andrew firstly found that nitrogen has important influence on the mechanical properties and austenite stability of steel. The gradual recognition of the beneficial effects of nitrogen on the properties of high alloy steels led to a widespread development of high nitrogen stainless steels, such as high nitrogen austenitic steel, high nitrogen dual-phase steel and high nitrogen martensitic steel. In the past, with the development of technologies, different production methods for high nitrogen stainless steels emerged, which promoted the applications of high nitrogen stainless steel, such as rotor rings, medical devices, aviation bearings, and people's livelihood products, whilst expanded the theoretical understanding of high nitrogen stainless steels. More than that, in order to promote international cooperation and exchange in this field, international conferences on high nitrogen stainless steels had been successfully held for 12 times all over the world, as shown as follows.                                                            


In recent years, high nitrogen stainless steels have continued to be developed in many other aspects. What is more, 2020 is a significant mark for the 200th anniversary of the development of alloy steel. Hence, it is necessary to hold an international conference on high nitrogen stainless steels once again, which aims to promote the exchange of the latest research results of high nitrogen stainless steels in aspects of steelmaking, solidification, hot forming or cold forming, performance and applications, strengthening the links between academy and industry on high nitrogen stainless steels, and commemorating the 200 years of alloy steel. c               oomm   emmmemorating the 200 years of alloy steel.


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    1 May 2020

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    1 June 2020

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    1 August 2020